Changing Medigap Plans

When private health insurance companies offer supplemental insurance it is called Medigap Insurance. Some medical bills do not get covered by Medicare. There are taken care of by Medigap. In this way the patients personal expenditure on medical bills can be greatly lowered.

Some Medigap plans are better than others – it is personal to individuals. Medical needs vary with time. They can be fitted to ones requirements by changing plans. People adjust plans to fit their changing health needs. Sometimes plans are changed due to cost of premium. Some change plans because they want a different insurance provider. Prices and benefits are very different depending of the provider you choose.

While switching, do not give up the current insurance till the new company enrolls you in their plan. Remember the rules while changing plans. During the open enrollment period (first six months) you can make plan changes quite easily. After this time a change of plan may not be possible. In some circumstances a change of plan is possible even after open enrollment.

Remember to benefit from the 30 day free look period. The former coverage is yours during this time. In this time you can decide which of the two plans is best in terms of coverage and cost. In case you have switched companies, but the plan is exactly the same, no six month waiting period applies. In case you switch plans within six months, a six month waiting period may apply for the new plan to cover current ailments.

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